Peter B Schilling Photography

                            Jacksonville, Florida





After retiring from my psychology practice, I had the time and opportunity to pursue my lifelong interest in creating art. As a photographer I started out creating images of flowers, all with a macro lens. When you get up very close, you have the chance to see their intricate inner landscapes. I spend a lot of time observing flowers over their individual lifespan as well as across various conditions of light, times of day, and seasons. I am interested in their forms, lines, and colors. I try to document them as they are, but also occasionally adjust their backgrounds and movement to create bokeh effects and more abstract presentations.


Many of the flowers presented on this website were found in Sugar Mill Gardens in Port Orange, Florida and in other semi hidden, little known oases of beauty, as well as in local garden shops and from my backyard, which is an ongoing, chaotic botany experiment.


Flowers are only one aspect of the natural environment. Recently I have expanded my subject matter to include photographing wading birds. I became aware that one of the best bird estuaries in the country is only a short drive from where I live. It is now my second home.


I am also interested in composing landscape images of the ocean and the gorgeous tidal marsh areas that permeate the coastal area where I live. 


I hope you enjoy my images. Comments, questions, suggestions, and new perspectives are always welcome.


If you are interested in purchasing any of my images please email me for availability and pricing.


I offer prints, matted prints, framed prints, metal prints, and canvas prints.